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Join the latest What's New in ArtifaxEvent webinar, for existing clients. Learn about the latest updates and improvements that we've made to our venue and event management solution.
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20th January 2023

Learning how to use ArtifaxEvent

Written by one of our Product Specialists, Rebecca Weaver Moving to a new organisation or changing roles often means being introduced to new processes and different pieces of software.  Whilst […]

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3rd December 2022

Harnessing the power of your data

Written by our Marketing Manager, Claire Robinson The relationship between creative endeavours and analytical data might not be the first thing that springs to mind when people think of arts […]

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25th July 2022

Top tips for making remote working a success

Written by our Operations Director, Tim Leighton There is no doubting that COVID has turned workplace norms upside down! At Artifax, we took an early decision to serve notice on […]

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11th July 2022

Supporting your core festival team

Written by our Head of Products, Adam Pepper I live in the UK, so I know that asking the question “How are you?” is a terrible way to find out […]

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18th May 2022

Top five tips for planning resources efficiently

The secrets to a successful event are planning, preparation and delegation! If you can manage your time and resources efficiently, you will create unforgettable experiences for your audience. One of […]

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12th May 2022

How to effectively use calendars to manage your events

Written by our Head of Products, Adam Pepper You’re using ArtifaxEvent to capture everything that’s happening in one place, but a single source of the truth doesn’t mean that everyone […]

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11th March 2022

Calculating the ROI of a Venue Management solution

Watch the above video for an explanation on how we can help you to calculate the Return On Investment you would get from implementing Artifax in your organisation. Harder to […]

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7th September 2021

Rediscover festivals with your industry experts

Find out what’s in store for festival organisers in 2021 and how to drive safe return of in-person events from your industry experts...

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9th August 2021

Top mistakes to avoid when planning an event

While learning from errors of judgement is arguably more useful and important than avoiding them in the first place, it’s also more embarrassing...

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3rd June 2021

5 tips for reducing stress before an event

When you’re planning an event, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by what seems to be a deluge of never-ending tasks...

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