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scheduling conflicts?

Worried about double-booking your space while your team handles multiple enquiries at once?


Form a single source of truth with a live calendar display and the addition of an ICS feed for those without direct access to Artifax.

Assign tasks, create checklists and automate notifications to inform team members when bookings reach certain stages.


Make the most of your time between practices and seamlessly streamline your tasks to save you hours of tedious administrative work.

Create a detailed database to keep track of your vocalists' availability, schedule recurrent rehearsals and quickly create event function sheets.

no time to rehearse?

Spending more time doing everything else than preparing for your next big event?
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need to create a library of performance data?

Do you have set music lists for certain events or vocal programmes which are repeated regularly such as weddings, funerals or seasonally around certain holidays?


You can expand your Artifax by adding modules such as Artistic Programming which would be the perfect solution for a performance catalogue.

Record individual vocalist information for timings and performances or use the module to develop a performance catalogue to help you deliver exceptional events, from wedding ceremonies to weekly vocalist practice.


Create a single event and save it as a template you can even add associated charges for ease of repeat invoicing.

Create task set templates, create checklists and automate notifications to inform team members when regular bookings reach certain stages.

manage regular bookings

Do you have a lot of regular bookings such as statutory services, meetings, dinners etc; that need to be managed?

Events. Reimagined.

Take a look around our software and explore your possibilities!
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