Artifax Audit

Don’t worry this is a pain-free audit. Our Product Specialists will review your site on your behalf and produce a report highlighting key items that may need your attention as well as providing professional recommendations on improvements you could make.

The audit will include a review of:

  • Users and Permission structure - are all users current and required? Do users have necessary permissions set? Are there any security improvements that could be made?
  • Your event journey - we will analyse and provide statistics on arrangement types, event activities, sales process stages. This statistics will highlight what is being utilised and what our recommendations are for an improved user experience and reporting
  • Reports and Document – Are you using the recommended reports for your venue type? Are you making the most of our standard reports? Are there some documents that are no longer required and might need to be removed? How are your scheduled reports working for you? All of these questions will be answered
  • Finances - what financial data is held and is it up to date? When were prices last reviewed? Is there more you could be doing with our finances area to save your team time?
  • Resources - how are resources being used? With resource archiving available we will provide a list of when resources were last used and how often they have been booked
  • Room review – what activities can happen in each room? How about room layouts? We will show what room layouts are linked to each room and list your capacities.

These are just the highlights of what we will be analysing during the audit. We will include suggestions on what our priorities would be if we were in your shoes.

We run through this whole process without any input needed from you which makes this the perfect time saver.

Just click the link below to purchase online right now! We can also provide quotes if you need a purchase order number and a quote before moving forward, please contact our team on [email protected] and a product specialist will be in touch.

If you have any questions, contact us on [email protected] and we will be in touch. 

Book your Artifax Audit and pay online today using our online purchase system

Example of the type of content you will receive in the audit report:

  • Audit example page 1
  • Audit example page 2
  • Audit example page 3
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