How can I access ArtifaxEvent?

ArtifaxEvent is cloud-based software and can be accessed from anywhere using an internet connection

Does each user need their own permissions?

Our standard packages now offer unlimited users so every department in your business can access the software without incurring additional costs

Do we need a mobile app to view on a mobile device?

ArtifaxEvent can be viewed on a mobile device using your web browser or you can use ArtifaxAgora our software specifically designed for mobile use

How much does ArtifaxEvent cost?

The cost for ArtifaxEvent is calculated depending on a combination of factors such as capacity, number of bookable spaces and scale of usage.

Do you pay for each user? 

Our standard packages are unlimited user contracts so there is no charge for additional users.

Can we change our package during our contract period?

Yes, you can upgrade with our add-on modules at any point during your contract. The cost is calculated pro-rata for the remainder of your contract period. During your contract renewal you can remove any modules you no longer need. You can upgrade to unlimited users at any point during your contract period. 
Data Security and Storage

Is our data secure?

Artifax fully meets all the legislation for current and best data security and is compliant with current best practices. We are certified with ISO 27001 Information Security Management.

Where is my data?

Artifax data is hosted on Amazon Web Services and located in the EU, US, Canada or Australia. Your data will be located in the region closest to you. This ensures that the connection to your database is reliable and reduces the risk of any latency between geographic regions.

Are you Cyber Essentials certified?

Yes we are. This certification gives you peace of mind that Artifax has invested in defences that will protect against the vast majority of common cyber attacks. We have the Cyber Essentials technical controls in place.

What's the process for implementation?

During implementation, one of our consultants will guide you through the configuration of your site while offering hands-on training for the features that matter most to you. Implementation time required will depend on your needs. This is usually based on a combination of:
• The number of users
• The number of departments involved
• The functionality that you plan to use from day one
Implementation generally takes place virtually, however, if you would like a more personal experience, our consultants are happy to travel to you.

How much training is recommended for new clients?

The number of Professional Services hours required for implementation including training is discussed during your quote proposal stages with your Artifax Account Manager. The hours recommendation is based on whether there is any existing experience of Artifax in-house and the scale of usage expected.
Software Features

Isn't Artifax just an online calendar?

We certainly have a calendar - 4 different calendar views are available in fact but we are so much more than that. Our software is designed to help you create unforgettable experiences through efficient venue and event management. Departments that would benefit from using ArtifaxEvent include: Front of House, Box Office, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance and more! 

Can I do reporting using ArtifaxEvent?

Our motto is, if the data is in Artifax then you can report on it. We have a library of standard reports that you can use and we offer custom reporting as part of our Professional Services.

Can I export financial data from ArtifaxEvent?

We offer integrations with most major accounting software packages and ArtifaxEvent will export data in a suitable format to these packages.

Does ArtifaxEvent offer any integrations?

ArtifaxEvent has an advanced open API which has been developed to create integrations between ArtifaxEvent and other software applications. Some of our most common integrations used by our existing clients include StaffSavvy, Outlook Calendar, Mailchimp, Spektrix and Tessitura. 

For more information on how to implement these integrations please contact our Professional Services team.
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