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Key Info

  • Organisation Type: A music charity responsible for Birmingham Symphony Hall and Town Hall.
  • Number of venues: 2
  • Number of rooms: 7
  • Number of users: 20+
Birmingham Symphony Hall


B:Music has a mission to inspire a love of music, through performance, participation and learning. Our Birmingham City Centre venues, Town Hall and Symphony Hall, are places where communities come together, new ways of learning are developed and curious minds discover new music.

Each year we welcome more than 500,000 visitors to enjoy our programme of over 700 concerts featuring local, regional and international music. Our regular audience boosts the City’s visitor economy; and we provide paid employment opportunities for more than 3000 artists and supporting staff every year.

We give over 18,000 people the opportunity to make music through a variety of workshops in and out of our venues. We are a reflection of the city of Birmingham and its diverse communities. We put our mission and local communities at the heart of everything we do.

We know that we can’t achieve our mission without collaboration. We build authentic long-term partnerships with a wide variety of organisations from associated artists to arts education establishments; from European and International artists to local community groups and schools; and from local business to our funders.

Business Challenge

Working on so many events across multiple venues (and spaces within those venues), Artifax has enabled us to manage these events in an efficient and effective manner, from entering the business, through the planning stages, through to the final settlements. Being cloud-based also means that updates can be made from anywhere in the world, which was massively useful during the pandemic, and continues to do so in the hybrid-working era between venue and home working.


With so many departments being involved in the on-sale process, we needed to ensure that each respective team was able to interact with Artifax in their own way, whilst also enabling information to be shared in the most effective and time-saving way possible too. By looking at the various different spreadsheets and processes that we currently used, the team at Artifax worked with the team at B:Music to piece together a new process that brought all of these together into one place.

Some minor behavioural changes to the on sale process, supported by custom forms and reporting in Artifax, has meant that information is being shared quicker than ever before. Lead times for planning are elongated as a result, and efficiencies are being created that didn't previously exist which is always a bonus.

An integration with Spektrix via API allows us to push information from custom forms through to Spektrix to aid the on sale process.

Chris Proctor, Head of Programme, B:Music Ltd

"Working with the team at Artifax has meant that we've been able to streamline the on-sale process for when a new event goes on sale here at B:Music. Combining a multitude of spreadsheets across various departments into one Custom Form, mapping out seamless integration with our box office system and the advance scheduling of reports has really helped improve the efficiency throughout the organisation.

A daily report enables a real-time sharing of information of events confirming, and the weekly summary provide a very handy checklist for multiple departments all working towards the shows going on sale in the next week or two.

The integration with our box office system, and then subsequent integration with the website means that every event can be powered through Artifax when ready to go on sale. Thanks to Artifax, this process has become more streamlined and efficient over the years, and look forward to finessing it even more over time too."

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