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We have been a happy customer and advocate of Artifax for very many years…

We particularly value the ability to customise the system to meet our own bespoke requirements particularly with extensive use of custom forms for detailed progression of the show flow […] and reporting on our activities across the calendar year with our artistic programme and the annual Brighton Festival.

Tim Metcalfe

Head of Management Information Systems, Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival

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Create a single source of truth with Artifax. With all departments using the same cloud-based system, you can be sure you're working with accurate, reliable data and pull reports off with ease.

Hire freelance event managers to be your eyes and ears on the day and trust they have the right information by producing a Day Sheet report with all the information they need. 
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worry about accuracy of information?

When multiple departments are working on one event, you worry you're not working with the most up to date information. Every department needs to access the information at the same time and needs it to be correct.


It's easy to drop the ball when planning a whole seasons worth of content and trying to keep track of what will be performed, screened or exhibited.


Create detailed itineraries well in advance to avoid programming clashes; schedule rehearsals, intervals and even extra time for applause - you will definitely deserve it!

You can be sure in the run up to your event you will feel our support and be supported.


Use your CRM database to book artists and invite industry guests to your events, press launches or
after-show parties!  

Keep an eye on their availability, transport arrangements, accommodation arrangements or special requirements. Create artist itineraries at the click of a button.


Booking one artist can be challenging, let alone booking a whole fleet of them!


Sometimes information gets lost or misinterpreted when it has to go through multiple channels of communication. No one likes to play the telephone game!


Form a single source of truth with a live calendar display with the addition of an ICS feed for those without direct access to Artifax.

Assign tasks, create checklists and automate notifications to inform team members when bookings reach certain stages.

Create bespoke reports such as day sheet for a smooth festival with resources and requirements for an event or day.


You can expand your Artifax by adding modules such as Artistic Programming which would be the perfect solution for a performance catalogue.

Record physical and digital copies of submitted works along with technical information such as timings and buffers and details of where they can be obtained.
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Do you need a catalogue of performance information including timings, buffers, set lists and more? Especially one that can be used as a library of information for future events?

Events. Reimagined.

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