Event Scheduling

The heart of your mission

At the core of any successful event is an understanding of what's on, when it's happening, where it's located and what equipment is required.

The 'Calendar of Record' shows what's happening, where and when. Accessible by all staff - if it's not in Artifax, it's not happening. There are four configurable calendar views are all designed to provide the information you require in an easy-to-read format. Each view is designed for a different purpose as described below.

Calendars can be viewed using integrations with other calendar applications including Outlook and Google Calendar.

Graphical View

A simple overview of what's happening where and when. Make quick – and instant – changes on the calendar; drag and drop events to different rooms or times, cancel or confirm events from the quick editor, create events directly on the calendar by clicking in an empty space. Editable user permissions.

List View

As much detail as you need to see about each event

Year View

Your year at a glance.

Availability View

This view is ideal for displaying overlaps and availability slots. A useful tool for finding a time and place to book your event. 

Events. Reimagined.

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