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Professional Services Packages

Our Professional Services team offers a range of packages in the areas of training, consultancy, and report-writing. We can help get you up and running, find ways of keeping you on track – or take you to places you haven't yet been! 
Click on the package options to see the different package details appear below.

Entry Ticket | Getting to Grips with the Basics | 3 hours*

Entry Ticket

A 3-hour introduction to ArtifaxEvent.

Topics will include:
• The Calendar: how to find out what's happening, where and when
• The Booking structure: Arrangements, Events, and Resource Bookings
• The Booking process: creating and editing Bookings
• Running Reports: from work orders to what's on

Save time training users by providing them with expert training direct from the source.

Users will be guided through the system to gain essential foundational knowledge of what ArtifaxEvent is for and how it works, as well as being shown different ways of performing common tasks for maximum efficiency.

Designed for new users or existing users wishing to gain a clear and accurate understanding of ArtifaxEvent fundamentals

Can be delivered in three 1-hour sessions or two 1.5-hour sessions


Backstage Pass | Artifax Menus | 3 hours*

Backstage Pass

A 3-hour deep dive into the settings in the ArtifaxEvent Configuration and Management menus, with a focus on the areas most relevant to your needs.

Topics will include:
• Global settings for password complexity and time-out settings
• User group management and permissions
• Creating new users and de-activating existing users
• Creating and managing Arrangement Types, Event Activities and Booking Statuses, Rooms, Resources and Custom Forms
• Managing Standard and Custom reports

We’ll also review any functionality you’re not currently using to ensure you have the knowledge to get the best value out of ArtifaxEvent.

Designed for current or future System Administrators / Power Users

Can be delivered in three 1-hour sessions or two 1.5-hour sessions


Settling Up | A Deep Dive into Artifax Finances | 3 hours*

Settling Up - A deep dive into Artifax Finances

A 3-hour session to cover all aspects of ArtifaxEvent finances.

Topics will include:
• How to associate charges with Arrangements, Events and Resource Bookings
• Configuring price codes to calculate charges automatically
• The invoice process
• Logging payments
• Configuring ledger codes

Whether you're ready to start implementing finances in ArtifaxEvent or simply considering your options, this session will give you everything you need to know about the possibilities of using the system to track costs, charges and other financial information associated with your bookings.

As with all of our sessions, we will work with you to cover the areas that you are most interested in, and maybe some which you didn't know you were interested in!

Designed for all users

Can be delivered in three 1-hour sessions or two 1.5-hour sessions


Artifax Reports | Ensuring efficient and accurate communication of data and information | 2 hours

Artifax Reports

Ensuring efficient and accurate communication of data and information

A 2-hour session on reports and document management in ArtifaxEvent.

Topics will include:
• Document Types, Attachments, and Permissions
• Managing the suite of Standard Reports
• Adding and removing reports from the Print menus
• Scheduling Reports for delivery
• Tweaking Standard Reports to include logos or custom text
• Specifying Custom Reports using existing Standard Reports as a starting point vs. bringing your own template to the table: what are the benefits?

From calendars, contracts, production schedules and function sheets to cost estimates, itineraries, invoices, and statistics – if the information necessary to populate these reports is in ArtifaxEvent, we can help you get it out, formatted just the way you like it.

To help you get the most value out of the system, we’ll make sure you have a complete understanding of the dozens of reports available “out of the box” and what adjustments can be made if required.

For more complex requirements, we’ll discuss what’s involved in specifying Custom Reports, written by us to your specifications.

Designed for all users


Custom consultancy and report writing | 4x4 | 8 hours

Custom consulting and reporting

An all-inclusive package of 4-hours consultancy and 4-hours report-writing to ensure ArtifaxEvent is a
true home for your data.

This is an opportunity to talk with one of our expert Product Specialists on your existing usage and
improvements you'd like to make, as well as how best to implement any new functionality you would
like to use.

During the consultancy we'll talk through specifications, system configurations and provide training, as
well including 4 hours of report-writing.

Designed for System Administrators / Power Users


Triple A | Your Annual Artifax Audit | 8 hours

Artifax Annual Audit

8-hours of dedicated time with one of our Product Specialists to review your usage of the ArtifaxEvent and ensure you continue to get maximum value, efficiency and ROI from the system.

Topics will include:
• "Health check" of data
• Review new functionality
• Tips and tricks
• Consultancy

We'll start by giving your system a thorough data audit. We'll review your processes to make sure the system is working as hard as you do, identify duplicate entities, check for completeness of information, determine if any changes need to be made and propose improvements where required.

Once we have the system sorted, it's time to help the users with training on new functionality from current and planned updates, tips and tricks for efficient usage and ideas to harness the power of your data. Finally, we will consult with you on how to leverage the power of ArtifaxEvent to assist your operations moving forward.

Designed for current System Administrators / Power Users

Typically delivered in four 2-hour sessions


"We've been using the Artifax system for nearly 10 years and it's been an invaluable tool for running our business... 
what makes Artifax truly great is the friendly and passionate team behind the scenes who go out of their 
way to help you make the most of the software for your business."
Nikki Smith
Head of Events and Production, Rich Mix

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