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CCAE streamlines workflows and event management across multiple departments

Key venue statistics

  • Software - ArtifaxEvent
  • Number of venues - 8
  • Number of rooms - 30
  • Number of users - 43
Located in the center of downtown Escondido, California, the Center for the Arts brings people together to discover, create, and celebrate both the visual and performing arts. The Center also runs an extensive education program and produces several free community events, such as Musica en la Plaza, Independence Day Festival, Dia de lost Muertos Festival, and the Winter Wonderland Festival. The Center’s unique campus includes a 1,500-seat concert hall, a 400-seat theater, a contemporary art museum, art and dance studios, and a full-service conference center.

The challenge for the venue was that duplicate bookings were becoming too frequent. They were also emailing details about bookings back and forth between the team which was inefficient and frustrating.

ArtifaxEvent’s conflict notifications and permission settings significantly improved the problem of duplicate bookings. Since users could see all details of an event or receive an automated report with event details, fewer emails were being exchanged between staff members. This meant that everyone was updating their piece of the puzzle in the system without needing to check in with other departments.
ArtifaxEvent has completely changed the way the CCAE functions. From the live calendar views to the ease of use of the system, we have been able to streamline the workflows of multiple departments. Prior to ArtifaxEvent, we were struggling with duplicate bookings, inaccurate information, and a lack of reporting which was necessary for decision-making, especially for a non-profit. ArtifaxEvent has fixed the most complicated communication errors within the organization as a whole.

Being sent home at the beginning of the pandemic was a scary time for all of us. We weren’t sure how to work from home or if it was even possible. With ArtifaxEvent, we were able to be productive right away. We tightened up our processes even further and started relying more heavily on document storage and finances. If we did not have a complete system, our department most likely would have fallen apart and become impossible to manage outside of the office. We will forever be grateful to ArtifaxEvent.
Monica Paniagua, Theatre Sales Manager

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