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Learning how to use ArtifaxEvent

Written by one of our Product Specialists, Rebecca Weaver

Moving to a new organisation or changing roles often means being introduced to new processes and different pieces of software.  Whilst your organisation will have its own plans in place for training new users, here at Artifax we have a range of resources to support you as you learn what ArtifaxEvent can do, and how your organisation uses it.

If you are reading this as someone who hasn’t come across us before, ArtifaxEvent is a web-hosted software solution designed to support the delivery of events from an initial enquiry, through to delivery of that event.  It enables organisations to:

  • manage space bookings, equipment, staffing and catering requirements
  • produce contractual documentation and invoices
  • store contact information and documentation in a centralised system
  • use information directly from ArtifaxEvent within other applications such as websites, digital signage or ticketing systems, for example, to reduce the need to enter duplicate data, therefore improving data accuracy and efficiency.

You personally, and your organisation more widely, may not use ArtifaxEvent for all these functions, but it is important to understand how your organisation is using the software and what will be expected of you.

What help is available?


During office hours, Artifax offer a telephone and email support service and we hope our 99.7% satisfaction rate speaks volumes about the service you’ll receive when you contact us. We want you to enjoy using the system and get the best out of it so, if there is something that isn’t making sense to you, please talk to us about it.  We don’t expect you to be the software experts so don’t worry about bothering us with a small issue, something you think you should know already or even something you just want to talk round.  The team at Artifax are here to support you with getting the most out of the system, so you can focus on your role.

Help Centre

If you prefer more of a self-help approach, then our help centre is the perfect place to begin. Our Knowledge Base section is the home of everything you need to know about how our products work. As a starting point, head to the Quick Start Guide which is a set of concise articles to help new users get familiar with ArtifaxEvent.  Within the guide, there are links to more detailed information about each topic should you need to explore what it can do, how to use it or how to set it up in more detail.  For those of you prefer to learn by observation, we have a suite of Learning Videos for you to engage with at your convenience.


When you are just starting out with ArtifaxEvent, the thought that the system will evolve may not be one that you immediately want at the front of your mind.  However, I’m sure I won’t be alone in saying that I’ve used software and wished for a feature that didn't exist which, in my case, often resulted in user frustration!

Artifax update ArtifaxEvent three or four times a year and, before each of these updates, we host a live webinar, later posted online if you need to catch up or revisit it, where we give you a preview of the changes that are coming and show you how to utilise them.  Follow the release notes page for ArtifaxEvent within the help centre to receive direct emails about the latest releases.


There are thousands of ArtifaxEvent users across the world which is an amazing wealth of knowledge from people in roles just like yours.  Who could be better to learn from and share ideas with than peers who are also using ArtifaxEvent to support event delivery within their own organisations?  

That’s why, within the Artifax Help Centre there is a Community section where you can discuss ideas and swap tips. There are also areas where you can; make suggestions for new features or reports, vote on ideas submitted by others, tell us about how you’re already using the API and what you’d like to do in the future; discuss existing integrations; and a general discussion board.

We hope you will find this an exciting space to see how others are using Artifax and collaborate with Artifax users across the world.

Professional Services & ArtifaxAcademy

Artifax has a team of Product Specialists who train people to use Artifax and offer consultancy on business operations and work processes.  Each of us comes from an artistic background and between us we have hands on experience of visual and performing arts, venues and festivals, programming, marketing and operations.  In short, we get it! 

We love the industry and find ourselves in the wonderful position of being able to talk to clients all over the world about what they are doing, how they are doing it, and helping to shape how ideas become deliverable events by giving people access to accurate information at the right times.

Alongside the option of bespoke training, we also run ArtifaxAcademy sessions throughout the year where you can join with people from other organisations to upskill yourself on a range of topics.

Top tips for getting started

So, now you know about the various ways Artifax can support you to learn the software, where do you start?

  • Get clicking! Ask your site administrator to give you read only access to the system so that you can get used to navigating how it all fits together in complete confidence that you can’t accidentally do anything to your business data whilst you are learning.
  • Create a Help Centre account and explore the resources available.
  • Ask questions, either to your colleagues, directly to us at Artifax Support or within the Community forum.
  • If you think you would benefit from interactive training, have a look at our ArtifaxAcademy courses or contact us to discuss bespoke training for your organisation with one of our product specialists.

If you don’t have ArtifaxEvent but you think what we offer would be of value to your organisation and you’d like to hear more, please do get in touch.

Events. Reimagined.

Take a look around our software and explore your possibilities!
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