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Sage Gateshead Logo
Sage Gateshead Venue
Sage Gateshead

Sage Gateshead - Upgrading from ArtifaxEventClassic to ArtifaxEvent

Key venue statistics

  • Software - ArtifaxEvent
  • Number of rooms - 60
  • Number of users - 150

Business Challenges

  • Organisational Restructure
  • New Programme Pattern
  • Replacing the CRM Software used by the Events & Hires Team

Venue description

Sage Gateshead is an international music centre and renowned conference and event venue located in the North East of England. It is for artists, for audiences and for the North. Every year they welcome more than two million visitors. More than 400 concerts featuring all kinds of local, regional and international music, take place all year round. Music-making and learning activity takes place not only in the building but across the region, with 190,000 people of all ages taking part in over 10,000 music classes and workshops.

The iconic building, designed by renowned architects Foster + Partners, is home to Royal Northern Sinfonia and is a place where emerging artists are nurtured through dedicated programmes and festivals. As a charity, the support they receive helps to ensure everyone in the community can experience the joy of music.

Reason for upgrade

Sage Gateshead chose to upgrade to ArtifaxEvent after an organisational re-structure which resulted in a requirement for wider input from different staff members to use Artifax. They immediately felt the benefits of a cloud-based system which is accessible by far more members of staff and offers a much greater level of data security.

Some of the changes that they made after upgrading were:

  • Selecting a ‘Power User’ from each department who would help to configure the system and act as the main point of contact between Joanne Adams (Business Projects Manager) and their department.
  • Having a monthly Artifax Users Group Meeting where we focus on training, communicating process changes and scoping how we can use Artifax to improve efficiency.
  • Creating a Programme Pattern where Programmers must stick to their allocated spaces/times.
  • Creating Arrangement Types and a colour coding system to help them identify which booking belongs to each department.
  • Creating a ‘Custom Report’ which pulls the ‘Programme Pattern’ onto an Excel Spreadsheet using departmental colours. The report data is exported from Artifax into Excel to show when the pattern isn’t being followed. This report is used every day by the Leadership Team.
  • They have designed a bespoke Quotation document which pulls booking data from ArtifaxEvent combined with Hire Information.

Some of the improvements that they are currently working on include:

  • Replacing their Events & Hires CRM System with ArtifaxEvent.
  • Inputting Room/Resource Costs for the Events & Hires Team only, which are pulled onto the Quotation document.
  • Looking at Financial dashboards and scoping out which KPI’s they want to report on.
  • Using Automation's and Tasks.
  • Designing Custom Forms in order to report on data which was previously collected in the old CRM system.

This case study is a fantastic example of how clients on ArtifaxEventClassic can improve processes within their business by upgrading to ArtifaxEvent and increase efficiency across a number of departments. 


Before the upgrade to ArtifaxEvent we managed room bookings, systems and data collection from one central team within the organisation. The upgrade has been a collaborative experience using input from all teams to configure the system for use post-pandemic, we have reviewed our booking processes and have looked to the future to see what we ultimately want to get out of the system. It has gone tremendously well, all teams are now responsible for managing their own bookings and teams are using Artifax successfully every day. We feel we have started a new chapter and Artifax is helping us to achieve this. We have made a great deal of changes and improvements one step at a time. As Business Projects Manager it's exciting to know that there are so many more opportunities achievable from using the system.

Joanne Adams
Business Projects Manager, Sage Gateshead

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