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Artifax Reports | Ensuring efficient and accurate communication of data and information



Ensuring efficient and accurate communication of data and information

A 2-hour session on reports and document management in ArtifaxEvent.

Topics will include:
• Document Types, Attachments, and Permissions
• Managing the suite of Standard Reports
• Adding and removing reports from the Print menus
• Scheduling Reports for delivery
• Tweaking Standard Reports to include logos or custom text
• Specifying Custom Reports using existing Standard Reports as a starting point vs. bringing your own template to the table: what are the benefits?

From calendars, contracts, production schedules and function sheets to cost estimates, itineraries, invoices, and statistics – if the information necessary to populate these reports is in ArtifaxEvent, we can help you get it out, formatted just the way you like it.

To help you get the most value out of the system, we’ll make sure you have a complete understanding of the dozens of reports available “out of the box” and what adjustments can be made if required.

For more complex requirements, we’ll discuss what’s involved in specifying Custom Reports, written by us to your specifications.

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