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Midland Center for the Arts - A case for customisation

Key venue statistics

  • Software - ArtifaxEvent
  • Number of venues - 6
  • Number of rooms - 52
  • Number of users - 12

Business Challenges

  • Capturing of information within ArtifaxEvent using custom forms
  • Management of equipment 
  • Recording community partner events to avoid event clashes

Venue description

Midland Center for the Arts is a multifaceted performing arts center with a 1,500-seat Auditorium, 400-seat Little Theatre, 97-seat Lecture-Recital Hall, and the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art. The museum has the Hall of Ideas with permanent interactive exhibits, Museum exhibit areas on the fourth level and the SparksLab! Along with performance spaces and a museum the Center has art studios and rehearsal rooms.

Reason for Custom Form creation

The challenge they were facing was the information for the venue and events lived in too many places on their server. With so many different departments working to gather information for an event, there were versions of the same document in several places. If someone wasn't at work, they might not have access to the information they needed to work on their part of the event from home. They needed one location to store all the information, ideally cloud based, and something easy to use for the users.

They were using a combination of Word documents, fillable PDFs and 2-3 software programs to manage all the events and the information for those events. The problem they were running into was trying to figure out which document, in which location, had the most up to date information.

Artifax met with a small team from Midlands Center for the Arts to figure out the best way to start solving the issue of how to build the current templates into the system and create some custom forms. The investigation into their requirements began with copies of the documents currently used - the Event Form and Logistics Form. Custom forms were created within ArtifaxEvent to capture this information moving forward. The reports created were easy to read and a familiar format to the users. Single Sign On capabilities ensure the users do not need to remember one more password, which makes it convenient and easy to access.

ArtifaxEvent is also utilised to manage equipment that can be reserved for meetings, such as laptops and projectors. They also track when their partners in the community have events so they aren't booking on top of those events.


ArtifaxEvent has been amazing at creating custom forms for a seamless transition in our business. We were using a Word document as a template to send information to the team about new events that have been booked. We were using a different Word document to gather the logistics information for the upcoming events. With ArtifaxEvent we have been able to create custom forms for both of those documents as well as a few others. It is amazing the amount of information we can store in the system. It is becoming the one place we can all look for information about upcoming events.

Anne Schroeder
IT Project Manager

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